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Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park

Distance: 20 km

Marked as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The place is surrounded by forts, step wells, tanks, temples, mosques, and arches all dating back from the 8th to 14th centuries. Even the park’s landscape has historic and living cultural monuments around it.


Distance: 20 km
It is located in Panchmahal district of Gujarat. There are numerous places around Champaner like for forts, palaces, waterfalls and tombs.


Distance: 20 km
Pavagadh is a hill station in western India. It is well known for the various temples located here and their architectural detail.

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Distance: 14 km
The sanctuary is an ideal resort and camping site for visitors. It has good forest cover and valleys amidst nature. The places around are Kada, Targol and Jhand Hanuman temple. Amongst them Kada being the most picturesque with an irrigation reservoir.

Hathni Mata Waterfalls

Distance: 21 km
The 100 meter tall Hathni Mata waterfalls are surrounded by green carpeted hills with flora. A scenic beauty of falls, soothing music of the water gurgling and falling on the rocks gives a sense of God’s wonderful creation.

Jand Hanuman

Distance: 50 km
It is a beautiful temple which touts of an 18-ft statue of Lord Hanuman (a Hindu deity). It is believed to be constructed during the Mahabharata era.

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