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Fitness Training For Weight Loss In Gujarat

Fitness Training & Coaching For Weight Loss

Look forward to a healthier lifestyle and a promising future with help from Alpha Weight Loss Center in Gujarat. Our customized fitness based services help our guests embrace their strengths, heal their bodies, and create lasting, positive change.


The days gone are of workouts and the “no pain, no gain” philosophy, because as it turns out, the science disproves that this approach is sustainable long term, and often has negative consequences in the short term (think: misery and injury).

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At Alpha Weight Loss Center in Gujarat, India, we provide a variety of fitness classes that are safe, effective, and enjoyable. Simply put, we provide exercise opportunities that ensure participants feel better after they complete an activity than they did beforehand. We provide a wide variety of class and modifications that cater to the person’s current fitness level and medical and/or orthopedic conditions.


Many people who come to Alpha Weight Loss Center have had negative experiences in the typical gym setting. Perhaps the environment was less than welcoming, or perhaps they were injured because of being unsure on how to use the equipment safely. Either way, the gym scene is not a fit for everyone, and there are so many other options to choose from when it comes to fitting physical activity into one’s day.


At Alpha Weight Loss Center, we recommend a moderate exercise schedule that is customized for the individual, because we want our participants to learn patterns and behaviors that can easily translate back into their everyday lives at home.


The 5 principals that guide our fitness approach are aimed at:


  1. Mindful movement for improving quality of life
  2. Nourishing and not punishing the body
  3. Finding physical activities you enjoy
  4. Creating a balance through a variety of movement
  5. Cultivating Consistency over intensity

The fitness training at Alpha Weight Loss Center contains a multifaceted approach to help our participant embody these 5 principals:


Mobility: Exercise should lead to freedom of movement without pain. Good mobility arises when combining strength, flexibility and well developed motor skills.  Mobility is essential as it allows us to perform our exercise and daily physical activity well without the risks of injuring ourselves.


Endurance: There are many types of endurance, such as cardiovascular, aerobic, anaerobic, muscular, and skill endurance to name a few. At Alpha Weight Loss Center, we address all of these equally instead of focusing on just one so that we can provide participants the tools to meet any challenge that might come along.  Whether it’s a long day of walking while visiting a new city, or getting chores done around the house, greater endurance leads to a life well-lived.


Strength: Strength is one of the best predictors of quality of life as we age. Common strength deficits from a sedentary lifestyle lead to the overwhelming majority of back, hip, knee, and shoulder injuries that are so common in our society.  Functional exercise programs include strength training that “undoes” the negative side effects of a sedentary lifestyle and also provides a way to improve body composition so that we feel and look better.  At Alpha Weight Loss Center, our strength training programs are very effective, and very simple, because we stick to the basics. Our participants are thrilled when they find out how easy it is to implement our strategies while here and most importantly, for when they return home.


With a focus on consistency and variety, we strive to teach our participants that exercise can and should be nourishment, not punishment, for the body. While we always aim to make physical activity fun, all of our techniques are scientifically validated, reflecting the latest findings in exercise physiology. However, our fitness program remains steadfast in its simplicity, and is forged on a foundation of evidence-based education which is designed to help participants gain an increased understanding about the way their bodies function.  By focusing heavily on exercise education, our participants are armed with the tools they need to better enjoy movement and to feel successful and empowered now and in the future.


During their time at Alpha Weight Loss Center, participants will receive:


  • Two free personal training sessions
  • Informational lectures on fitness and health
  • Access to our fully equipped fitness center
  • Access to our outdoor pool
  • Variety of safe and fun group fitness classes for all fitness and mobility levels
  • Exercise modifications for medical or orthopedic conditions


Fitness Training Center


At the fitness center we have a full strength training facility with weight machines, functional fitness equipment, and a full line of cardiovascular training machines for all levels of abilities. There are no shortages of exercise options for any level of participant.  We also have a variety of water fitness classes such as Water Aerobics and Aqua Zumba in our indoor swimming pool. All classes are taught by highly credentialed instructors with vast experience in exercise for all populations, conditions and body sizes.

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