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At Alpha Weight Loss Center in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, you’ll receive personalised guidance to promote long-term healthy living.


Alpha Weight Loss Center helps adults struggling with a variety of weight-related challenges. We ensure certain fundamental wellness principles apply to all our guests. Together, these principles form a holistic approach to healthy weight management.


When we say “holistic,” we mean your stay will focus on physical, mental, and behavioral health. Knowledgeable professionals help you adopt a healthier relationship with food. You’ll gain an understanding of the medical and psychological obstacles preventing you from living a more satisfying life. Experience personalized instruction in fitness, nutrition, meal planning, and preparation. We ensure your time at Alpha Weight Loss Center empowers you to define success in a way that’s sustainable.


Learn more about weight loss and weight management at Alpha Weight Loss Center


The Alpha Weight Loss Center technique for weight management consists of scientifically-based concepts of behaviour change, nutrition, and health which are designed to assist individuals to develop a lasting healthful way of life habits.


Our center employs some committed specialists who’re professionals in their respective fields. With a staff of highly skilled medical personnel, health professionals, nutrition specialists, and medical and mental health specialists, we’re capable of offering the complete and holistic care that individuals need to enhance their overall health and well-being. If you have been suffering with weight management, Alpha Weight Loss Center can help you to develop the skills that can empower you to stay the existence you desire.

Learn how to receive bariatric surgery support and weight loss programming at Alpha Weight Loss Center.

We specialize in the psychological aspects of weight management and can support individuals who are dealing with the unique physical, behavioral, and emotional challenges that accompany bariatric surgery. If you are planning to undergo, or have had any type of weight loss surgery, we can assist you in making and sustaining the dietary and other health behavior changes that are needed to have a successful long-term surgical outcome. Our goal is to provide you with preparation for your surgery and/or tools to attain optimal results following your surgery.

    Learn more about binge-eating disorder treatment at Alpha Weight Loss Center

    Binge-eating disorder (BED) is a mental health condition that is characterized by regularly eating excessive amounts of food, far more than most people would typically eat in a similar time period, and continues to eat despite feeling full. During these episodes of binge-eating, individuals feel out of control of the amount of food that they are consuming and experience feelings of extreme guilt and shame once the binge has ended. Not only does binge-eating disorder affect a person’s overall physical health, but it can also interfere with an individual’s ability to function in a healthy manner on a day-to-day basis.

    Learn more about compulsive overeating treatment at Alpha Weight Loss Center 

    Compulsive overeating, which is also referred to as compulsive eating, is a behavioral disorder that can impact a person’s physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing. Characterized by an inability to control the quantity of food that one consumes, compulsive overeating is associated with myriad unhealthy issues, disorders, and behaviors.

        Learn more about obesity treatment at Alpha Weight Loss Center


        Obesity is an epidemic-level problem that can have a devastating personal impact. Excessive weight can take an extensive toll on an individual`s physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. Individuals whose weight places them in the clinically obese category (in most cases, having a body mass index above 29.9) are at increased threat for hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, certain forms of cancers, and a number of extra physical problems. At the same time, obese people regularly find themselves handling depression, low self-esteem, and emotions of personal inadequacy while additionally having to endure ridicule, rejection, and different forms of social stigma. To no one`s surprise, the combined impact of those inner problems and outside challenges can range from debilitating to deadly.

        Learn more about diabetes treatment at Alpha Weight Loss Center


        The faster a person acknowledges the signs and symptoms of diabetes and talks with his or her doctor about his or her health, the earlier an analysis may be decided and treatment can begin. Treating diabetes, whether or not someone has Type 1 or 2 or is pre-diabetic, requires regular monitoring of one`s blood sugar levels. However, people with Type 2 Diabetes, the form of this condition that is primarily caused by poor eating behaviour that results in weight gain, can effectively control their blood sugar thru medical treatment and positive lifestyle changes. At Alpha Weight Loss Center, we apprehend the costs to a person`s health when diabetes is found in his or her life and agree with it is vital that she or he gets care to deal with this medical condition effectively. We also believe that a crucial way to reduce the dangers related to diabetes is to live a healthy way of life that consists of nutritious foods and sufficient exercise. For these reasons, our center is proud to provide exemplary treatment for individuals who desire to lose weight and manage their diabetes through our Lifestyle Program for Diabetes.

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